Snake (蛇它虫)

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A game inspired by Gluttonous Snake and Sokoban.

Move the snake step by step in the box and eat all the other animals. Of course, as with a snake, a snake grows longer when one animal is eaten. After eating all the animals, we can get the victory when we arrive at the exit.

* rules come from classic games, snake and push boxes, easy to understand, 5 seconds to get started

* combine the paper-cut with shadow play, and create a new picture of "clean Chinese wind"

* mice, frogs, praying mantis, elephants, turtles, five different animals, interact with snakes skillfully

* there is also a finale element, which has a subtle connection with the five animals

* a total of 50 elaborate design levels, each with its unique features, no experience of the same

* comes with free, no cooling tips to avoid high difficulty

* pursuing minimalism, the game has only 4 buttons to keep the player focused on the game itself




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interesting by Fleming Glass
Step by step in the box, move the snake and eat all the other animals.Like the snake, the snake gets a long one every time you eat an animal.Eat up all the animals and reach the exit, and you can win.really
Very interesting.
Reply Post date:10/28/2018
beautiful by mark chou
This is an exceptional game. The design is beautiful and minimalist. The game elements are simple, but the designers have carefully explored the various possibilities that arise with those elements. The level design is extremely well done. The puzzles are often hard, nevertheless one knows one is in good hands. Levels 36 and 50 had me stumped for a while, but both are possible! Thanks for this gem.
Reply Post date:8/31/2018
different puzzle game by Mr. FluffyMuffin
no doubt is a very different puzzle game. Puzzles in this android game are so simple yet challenging at the same time, you got to try it out.
Reply Post date:7/28/2017
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