Heart Maze (迷失立方)

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Heart Maze is a cube puzzle game brought ultimate experience to players. Step into the nightmare cube and start a journey of salvation. Go through the edge, the cube will rotate and you will see the inside world in a different perspective. Player needs to find the key item and reach the end of each level.

-Hand-drawing Art Style
-Strong Sense of Immersion
-Challenging Level Design
-Deep Touching Story
-Great Voice Actor

Everyone makes mistakes in life. The most difficult thing is not to be forgiven… But... to forgive yourself.




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Simple fun game! by John Enfield
Simple fun game!
Reply Post date:4/3/2019
Good game by XcomHunter
A dollar to spend is value, after all, a lot of games you spent money also is not necessarily fun, but each chapter of the game play is different is new and you can see the playability of the game, and the plot of in-depth, make people care much about the follow-up development, I will stick to play at the end of the end, a little advice: can be the beginning of each related words finally together to appreciate, or point level every time very troublesome
Reply Post date:12/26/2018
hard?nope by Kylian Gaming
It's hard to move the dot and Nobody gets scared. ( the only thing that scared me was that that popped up in the middle and not the jump-scare)
Reply Post date:7/28/2017
like silent hill? by barbie mean girls
It looks like a horrible game. I want to have a try and see who's more terrifying than silent hill
Reply Post date:7/28/2017
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6/27/2017 12:00:00 AM
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