Lit the Torch(点燃火炬)

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“There are loads of great mobile games getting teased at the moment, and Lit the Torch is definitely one of them.”

-Pocket Gamer

Lit the Torch is challenging puzzle platformer with a twist! Players control a Night Watch as they light torches and navigate through a shattered timeline. The twist is that player's can burn a portal into a different time to navigate to new altars and burn a path through obstacles in their time to existing altars. 

Key Features:

-Stunning Artwork

-Challenging Puzzles

-Wonderful Story

-Atmospheric Soundtrack

-Brain Bending Puzzles

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点燃火炬全关卡解锁中文破解版(Lit The Torch)可爱的人设角色,丰富的关卡内容,极富创意的游戏玩法,控制角色在不同的世界中穿梭,通过解决各种机关陷阱来连接不同的世界,完成所有关卡内容。


3.游戏核心玩法在于玩家可以利用最有趣的机制‘ 其他可视’窗口,穿越到另一个世界,并通过两个世界的互动来闯关。



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I like it, but it's really hard by m s
The buttons are not responsive enough I know I'm no that great an I have a good phone but when you press the screen it doesn't jump fast enough although other than that it's a good game.
Reply Post date:1/13/2019
Very clever by Brandon Reichard
As I moved the stairs, I was always worried that she would fall off the road. Lighting the torch is using her own hair, which is a bit scary,who plays with fire gets burned,lol
Reply Post date:12/8/2018
funny game by Nick Cheung
If you see so many one-star evaluations, you may not be able to play,
I can only say that I.Q. is hard.Stress-free people say it's fun.
Reply Post date:11/27/2018
funny game by Samuel Ring
It's a fun puzzle game that's really beautiful and creative.
Reply Post date:10/14/2018
Fun really creative and beautiful! by Moemoe
It's a fun puzzle game that's really beautiful and creative
Reply Post date:9/21/2018
Android? by MyBlackShirt
Where's the Android version? Why didn't you download the link? I don't have an Apple phone, or can I have a PC version?
Reply Post date:8/15/2018
good for anyone by saile
Definitely worth the small price. Masterfully done. Creative and unique puzzles in a beautiful atmosphere. Love it and recommend to anyone.
Reply Post date:8/20/2017
Strong time to remove obstacles by Allure Love
Remove obstacles and light them in the prescribed time
Reply Post date:8/2/2017
omg! by asif khan niazi
this game is LIT!!!! ..................get it..............because the game name is LIT the then...
Reply Post date:7/28/2017
challenging by _________lonely
Lighting the torch, there are different colors, I like red, the personal feeling is not bad, do you have fun? Come and challenge me
Reply Post date:7/28/2017
looks good by Mr. FluffyMuffin
The picture looks good, I don't know how to download it.
Reply Post date:7/28/2017
interesting by jolinnaC1
I am enjoying this game so far - in short doses. I think it would become tedious if you wanted something to keep you thinking for a while, but for shorter periods of time, it's just enough of a challenge to keep it interesting.
Reply Post date:7/27/2017
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6/20/2018 12:00:00 AM
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