Mr. Pumpkin Adventure (南瓜先生大冒险)

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Try this high-quality game for Free! Then continue the adventure with a One Time unlock.

Mr pumpkin is a puzzle game. It's a cute game tells Mr. Pumpkin's exploration in the vegetable world to find who he is and what is the truth of welt. In order to achieve it, Mr. Pumpkin need tocome across many guides such as potato baby, Mr. pepper, onion astronaut, and Dr. White,solve hundreds of puzzles, explore more than 50 screens. All chapters have their own charms.

Rich and interesting puzzles!
We have 8 chapters in total and each chapter contains 6 to 8 screens. Players need to find out the special key tools in every screen and use them in where applicable. Small puzzle games also will be obstacles on your way to truth! Isn't it interesting?!

Incredible and wild story!
Nobody knows the truth of this strange vegetable world. Puzzles can be seen everwhere. Players need to find the keys of secrets, and put them together to find out the facts you can never imagine.

Different endings exploration
We have three different endings depends on player's choice. And if you finished all endings, we will open a surprised chapter for you!

Numbers of Independent Game Prizes
Mr. Pumpkin Adventure is developed by a small Independent team and has received numbers of Independent Game Prizes, such as Best Arts of IGF, Best 2D Visuals of Unity Awards,Top 10 Games of Global Top Round in 2015. Numbers of Prizes winning!




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well done,i recommended this one by Tim Wright
The art and the story art well done & unique. I hope there is more content based on the world and characters. I like that there are multiple endings you can easily choose via chapter select.
Reply Post date:1/7/2019
Daddy boy ohhhhhhh by saile
This game is great for late Friday nights if you know what I mean
Reply Post date:8/20/2017
Difficult by Stephen Eads
Thanks. These puzzles were too difficult for my stupid ass?
Reply Post date:8/18/2017
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10/2/2016 12:00:00 AM
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