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Outsmart yourself in this mind-bending first person puzzle adventure. You are followed by an “Echo” -- a duplicate of yourself who repeats everything you do. Faced with a series of puzzles, your goal is to outwit your Echo using strategy and cunning — and retrieve memory fragments that hold the secret to who you are...

ECHOPLEX combines minimalist graphics with live action footage to create an immersive, story-rich experience.

Solve unusual spatial puzzles anchored by an innovative Echo gameplay mechanic.

Experience the story through puzzle-solving and live-action video clips shot by an indie film director.

Explore intriguing, minimalist environments.

Enjoy an abstract soundscape augmented by a “cyber-horror” score composed by Revin Goff.

Play under intense time pressure as your Echo draws near...



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Good game by AwesomeMallard
Looking at the subject matter and the style of the appetite, and the unintelligible mix of Chinese and Chinese, 15 looks a lot, but it's over in 70 minutes.
Short is not the problem, but this 15 basically close to the puzzle - stupid mistakes made all in the game, for example the target is not clear, important game elements to hide in the corner, difficulty, malicious complicate map forcing players detours.
Reply Post date:3/21/2019
Is a very good game, by KreatorB
Is a very good game, although sometimes my computer is so laggy, but it seems like science fiction movie has attracted me to chase my shadow. I suggest putting this game into a movie.
Reply Post date:1/2/2019
fun by Mrs. Raptor
fun co-op game. It has challenging platforming and puzzles, but it's also fun to screw around and kill each other. If you are looking for a fun couch game to play with your partner or friend, I definitely recommend it. The game is still on Early Access, so only half the game exists. I can't wait to play the rest.
Reply Post date:9/30/2018
i buy it by amit debbarma
Alot is shrouded in mystery, so you are trying to recover memories in some strange facility that replicates you as a clone, so to speak.
Reply Post date:8/28/2017
So hype? by Loureany Clara
hmmm, i am interested.?
Reply Post date:8/20/2018
perfect by kevinshark boss
Really Enjoyed the visual style and over all gameplay. The difficulty scaling was perfect! So much fun and frustration!
Reply Post date:8/21/2017
vote for it by captainpaul121
have to vote for this sci-fi virtual's really like a science fiction movie.
Reply Post date:8/20/2017
Really fun game. by Leonardo Lyon
The puzzles are extremely challenging even early on in the game, but also very rewarding once you complete a level.
Reply Post date:8/18/2017
Enticing by Jack Paterson
The follower mechanic literally made me jump several times. So basically 3D FPS version of Pause Ahead... I like it.?
Reply Post date:8/18/2017
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Works on:
Windows (xp,vista,7, 8, 10), Mac OS X (10.6+) and Linux (Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04)
4/17/2017 12:00:00 AM
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