Lethe (忘却之声)

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Lethe is a new music game innovation, the wonderful scene and music perfect combination, bringing players into fantasy, wonderful music world. By gathering the spirit energy, found "Leza," lost memories, using painting operation to solve "the fetters and the puzzle between Taya" and "Aomarui".

In Wade's musical "Cats" and "phantom of the opera" elements and "sand painting" performer expression for inspiration, let each level has its own unique lens language and scene elements.

Lethe will be "painting" and "music" combined to create a new gaming experience, game player in the game through the operation prompt, click whenever character is one of the first game player, game world draw opportunity. The correct time points feed back the corresponding scene content. At the same time, a lot of scene elements make up every detail of the story, and collect and decrypt the content of the story.

Music, please Onoken, V.K. grams and other well-known musicians create songs for the game, each scene is rendered under the impression of music manually painted completed. The lights, pedestrians, grass, etc. that appear in the scene can be seen or reflected in the picture by manipulating them.





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Good game by Vitalfever
Music is nice, and the interaction between the game and the background is highly playable.
Reply Post date:11/27/2018
Music game innovation, wonderful scene a by sunshine
The game combines "painting" with "music" to create a new gaming experience, and clicking on any role is the first game player to respond to the corresponding scenes at the right time. The music of the game is quite good to hear, every scene was under the impression of music of hand-painted, and appear in the scene lighting, pedestrians, grass, etc., can see or by manipulating them to reflect in the picture, very beautiful, fantastic, wonderful music, love
Reply Post date:8/9/2017
Not bad by Jordi Geerts
Style over substance really. It looks really good. But it comes at a cost of gameplay.
Reply Post date:7/28/2017
nice,nice,sooooonice by Paola
In love with this game, I noticed a newer chapter that will be coming out this month so I pre-ordered, saw an update and updated the app, but oddly the pre order option disappeared and I lost 2 songs that I've already unlocked and no chapter 2. Please fix this!
Reply Post date:7/28/2017
Beautiful game by Justin
Beautiful and great app game to play anytime.
Reply Post date:7/28/2017
only 9? by barbie mean girls
There are too few checkpoints
Reply Post date:7/28/2017
exquisite game by jolinnaC1
This special music game is to hit the note picture effect, is a pair of picture, with text prompts and text to black-and-white comic draft, narrated in the picture of the man is innocent in the cursed prince, killed the king, leading to a good friend on the separation, the hero of self redemption the story. But the hero why magic rings, what is his true identity, who is the man in black magic, why kill him by the king, to leave the palace of the actor behind what happened in the story, all to be continued.
The setting of the game is very simple. The difficulty of making the game is in the special effect of the note. 9 original music, distinctive style, very nice. The operation seems easy, and some challenges are not easy. This one is worth a lot of money, but I don't think the production team will follow. After all, they have to make money, and it's better to try to create a new chapter than to try something else
Reply Post date:7/27/2017
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