The Fairyland (时空旅梦人)

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Did you ever dream like this? In the dream you are an alone traveler who lost in the space and time. The silent music and fantastic scene make you confused and lost. 

The Fairyland tells such a story that a little girl with a red umbrella lost herself in the dream world. To find her twin sister she searched through a variety of weird dreams. She solved puzzles and dodged traps. She met many monsters and BOSS fights. You will help her to discover the true ending at last

It's another indie game released by Dome Game. You will experience the fantastic beautiful dream world and complete a journey to find yourself. This independent game combines exploration, puzzles, parkour and gesture QTE play. It is a peaceful and thought-provoking game in which you can find fun and joy in it as well. Everyone might have got lost in the dream world. How far can you go in this spiritual journey?

• Journey: Experience the journey from silent forest, mysterious underworlds and ancient deserts to dangerous snow mountains.
• Survival: Survive from the traps and the creepy monsters. Solve the difficult puzzles to make through thrilling stages
• Storylines: Each scene represents a unique themed story. Clear different stages to experience Sophia's stories
• Game Play: Many types of creative game play which gives you a full dive into the game
• Artworks: Enjoy the beautiful dream world and explore in the fine-designed scenes

Game Play:
• All the items in game can be got easily.
• Explore & solve puzzles: Classical adventures and puzzle solving elements. Figure out the riddles to make out in the dangerous world
• Fly & Dodge:Bring your umbrella and fly up high! Collect the magic Crystals in the flight! They are important items to unlock next chapters.
• QTE defending: Draw all kinds of marks to eliminate the approaching minions! Have a try in the brand new battle mode!

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Is ok but a little problem. by Soe Tu
than problem is i just don no.but the problem i hope is ok.i dont say than don play..........i chosse you want to play or not.
Reply Post date:2/12/2019
very popular by Vincent joy
The painting style is very popular, but the operation is not very clever, especially in solving the riddle needs to turn what things, often have no reaction, need to improve
Reply Post date:9/8/2018
interesting by sunset
The game scene is as beautiful as fairyland, with monsters and bosses fighting. The forest, the mysterious underground world and the ancient deserts to the dangerous snow mountains and other formats of the scene and the pipe card, still can, at least the goods get easier
Reply Post date:8/11/2017
music is good by Morgan
I have really try it because you have to rate be for download but every thinks good
Reply Post date:7/28/2017
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7/20/2017 12:00:00 AM
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