I and Me(我和你)

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If there were another me,
Observing myself from the perspective of a spectator,
How would I regard another me?
How would I get along with the other me
I and Me is a puzzle platformer. To play the game, you control two cats simultaneously.
The two characters will perform exactly the same action.You need to manage both of them at the same time and let them coordinate to complete the adventure.
The game has four chapters based on four seasons with a total of 92 levels.
Sometimes you must think carefully, and in some places you need to be flexible.
The soundtrack of the game is soothing with orchestra and piano music, each season has its own style.



《I and me》是一款国产独立游戏,由独立游戏开发者Wish Fang制作。今日官方宣布本作确定即将登陆任天堂Switch平台,售价10美元/800日元,且自带简繁中文。 




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Music by JonathanWolfe
Painting style is sprout, music is also very good, very good domestic small game, but I don't know why every time shut down after the game the mouse click on the desktop icon is selected many icon to open it, only to restart the computer to recover, very afflictive.
Reply Post date:4/10/2019
Children by Vitalfever
Children play with wisdom, and adults only think retarded.
I'm sorry, I'm an adult, so I don't recommend it.
You are not a big, big baby, you can only look for confidence in this puzzle game.
Reply Post date:12/13/2018
Good game by Burke Winter
I and Me is a China made by a developer
Game, game is a puzzle, BGM is beautiful and beautiful, drawing fresh and elegant.The game also contains some simple life principles.All in all, it's warm and lovely!The CARDS are easy to get to, and some of them need a little bit of work and a little bit of patience.If the method can't be found, the method can be demonstrated by H.The game has good support for the handle, OST is free!It is recommended to start at a discount.
Reply Post date:10/25/2018
by one people develop? by vitas jeep
It is a great game to relax. the music is also very great.the game itself is a little bit tough though,haha.
Reply Post date:8/20/2017
low by Martin Adams
Relatively low, suitable for kids, this is a Japanese game do?
Reply Post date:7/28/2017
That's good!LOL by jolinnaC1
I played this game, very cute, that is, the need to move their brains, many levels are my brother to help me think of it XOXO.
Reply Post date:7/27/2017
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