KOI-Journey of Purity (鲤)

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The Chinese mobile game nominated for 2015 San Francisco GDC IMGA Best Upcoming Game!

 1st Runner Up of the 4th Global Mobile Game Congress Indie Pitch Arena!Presented by an independent game development team in China, Koi takes you on a creative journey of growth with its fresh and heart-warming style.
With brilliant storyline embedded in each stage, Koi makes use of elements of puzzle solving, growth and collection. The further the story goes, the clearer it gets. Players are able to see through all the puzzles and finish this journey of mystery.
【How to play】
◆Navigate your little koi to look for other carps and to unlock the flowers of corresponding color.
◆Leaves & Geckos: different riddles await you in your journey.
◆Sneak-headed fish & Naked wires: brave the dangers in your way. Head upstream and complete the little koi's mission.
◆Learn its previous life of the little koi by collecting the puzzle pieces in every stage.
Game intro
  Aesthetic Visual: The mixture of colorful flat design and mysterious Oriental elements paints a fresh and beautiful lotus pond. Players can explore the place as a fish, attaining inner peace and meditative state of mind.
 Atmospheric Background Music: Background piano music by guest performer of Blizzard VGL Concert and music producer Zeta. Koi’s producer records the voice of nature in exchange for the best music experience of the nature.
 Engaging Plot: Koi is the best representation of the Hollywood Three-Act Structure. Starting from the initial peace, then the storm comes and enemies approach, to the multiple obstacles and upstream currents, can the little koi reach the other side in the end?
Creative Stages: Each stage has its own elements of adventure, puzzle solving and item collecting. Scenes of lotus ponds, dirty water and calm lake, map out the perfect combination of nature, mystery and heartwarming emotion. Players can experience purification of mind and inner peace.
Easy Operation: By tapping any point on screen, the fish will follow to that direction; by combining screen touching and virtual joystick, players can enjoy simple and convenient operation.
Spiritual Journey: The double plot development aims to spread the message of environmental protection. While completing the self-purification, Koi calls upon everyone to protect their home environment.












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music is nice by Jac Van Wyk
I bought it at the SONY mall. It's really worth it. The fish look like real, the music is nice, and a very quiet game.
Reply Post date:2/12/2019
five star game by jack alva
I really want to like this but... This game has soo much potential but the controls are extremely slow at times. Lots of other people have already stated this in their ratings. Sometimes it can really be challenging just because the controls aren't kicking in when it should. If the controls could be tightened up and fixed this would easily be a five star game!
Reply Post date:9/27/2018
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9/18/2018 12:00:00 AM
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