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Bringing AAA console gaming experience to mobile devices.

In late 2170’s, the human race began searching for potential ways to leave their home and travel to an Earth similar planet, as resources were becoming dangerously scarce.

A group of scientists developed Quantum drive tunnelling to achieve interstellar travel. During its testing phase, the “lights” from the Quantum drive were detected from billions of miles away by an entity, dubbed “XADA”. XADA attacked the Earth in late 2080. The human race did their best to develop countermeasure technology, namely, the Warmech program.

The war lasted two years, and by its mid-way point, two nations were left on the planet, Thandeous and Adrillia. Adrillia, in a last ditch effort, cracked Quantum drive signature and fled to a new home in the Tau Ceti group, 12 light years away. Thandeous were the second to flee, and forced to settle on a harsh moon by Adrillia, as the planet could not suitably sustain both races.

The Ivonix, were the last surviving race. A technologically advanced people, whom survived the War within their orbiting artificial habitat - The Nightstar. They were the last to migrate, and left behind Stealth-X buoys, which would respond to Xada activity on Earth if the Xada ever made a move.

In 2201, the S-X buoys have picked up a Xada signal from Earth and made a Q-Leap to inform the Nightstar. Simultaneously, a mysterious rift has been detected within the Tau system, signifying a direct transmission attack pathway from Earth. The Ivonix have sent Jake Carloway, and Diana May, aboard the Nightwing attack-shuttle. They carry with them, two of the most deadly WM-3 battle suits in existence. They must return to Earth, and put an end to the XADA, before the human race is eradicated.

And now, the IMPLOSION begins....


Implosion is a hack and slash action game. Clear each stage of the game to move forward. Combine two action controls (slash attack and heavy blow) to destroy your enemies.

Fully scored orchestral music

High quality graphics

Characters voice-acted

Explosive gameplay

《聚爆》是一款由 3D 引擎打造的ARPG游戏。游戏主体以类科幻小说风格打造,其中富有冲击力的人物场景与超快节奏的打斗都将给玩家们带来血脉贲张之感。




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funny game by spreadtheblood
This game is worth every. Single. Penny! Everything from the graphics to the gameplay put you in a sense of intense virtual reality. The weapons are great! The levels are fun and challenging! The bosses bring out the best of you! But most of all, the story. You find yourself feeing the characters emotions, But not only that, you find that it's very hard to put down. The story is nothing but captivating as you delve deeper into game, drawing you into every level. It also doesn't become boring once you beat it! I think I played it more times than any other game I've had! This is definitely on my top three. Highly recommended this game to anyone looking for a great game to play and play again. Nice job Rayark! Keep it up!
Reply Post date:4/27/2019
good by Fleming Glass
Some people in the comments section say it's a little expensive, but in fairness, 60 yuan
Is it expensive? It's more than just a small object.When the game began to try just amazing to me, to play a lot of games, like one or two of g, there is no said BuKa (I'm picky, mild card is a card), but this really like silky smooth, then decided to start with, if for no other, for he was optimized by heart.
Reply Post date:10/28/2018
amazing game by Oliver
Hi i just wanted to say this was an amazing game and alot of the times when i dont have wifi i play this and it is so fun. I got this for two dollars in a sale when its original cost was 10$. Anyways this was an amazing game and totally worth the money, but theres always many crashes and i get so mad because im so close to being done or im having a lot of fun. many times i can barely complete a level, and it glitches out very easily. But even though it crashes so much, i still have hope, because the last update was very recent, and ive read many reviews that said they fixed the glitch where you crashes when you opned the game. I played a game called Nova 3, and if was super fun and had the same style, just like this game. But since it was super glitchy and the last update was in 2014, i quit it.
Reply Post date:8/21/2018
discount? by vitas jeep
This is just a demo version of GOOGLEPLAY. When will the full version be available?By the way, what time is the discount?
Reply Post date:8/20/2017
what's wrong by anker wen
Android7.11's sudden attack on Chapter1, the difficult pattern, always flashes back after clearance
Reply Post date:8/20/2017
a good guy by Martin
Last update makes almost impossible to complete : last man standing. Four times in a row the game crashes, previous update I was able to reach (almost) the end when he gets to the part of the 2nd boss of the game. I still give 5 stars to the game, thank u for giving support for iPod touch 5.1 even though it is quite old.
Reply Post date:7/28/2017
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