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A girl named Misty lived in the maze, but the darkness from deep inside the maze has swallowed all the happiness of memory. She is forced to take on an adventure that nothing is sure, only you can lead her the way home! It's easy to get lost in the maze. Navigate the little girl through a series of challenging puzzles and bring back her home.

-4 chapters and 60 challenging levels in total to explore
-Collect treasures to unlock different fun characters
-Always plan your ways ahead, so you can solve the puzzle as a whole picture
-Simple drag controls that are easy to use
-Collect lost items to bring back the home


「谜途 Lost Maze」是来自柠檬酱的游戏,仿佛走在密码筒上一样,拨动地图,游戏可以暂停后慢慢思考,为主角寻找出路



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Brilliant game. by PhilaPhan80
Not impossible levels but still challenging. A really nice game if I have a spare five minutes, as it doesn't end up just frustrating me.
Reply Post date:12/27/2018
Good game by Aarif Lee
Not sure why this has so many bad reviews. I don't find the adverts intrusive at all and I think this is a really cute little game. Not too tricky and not too boring. Really nice game idea when you are tired of candy crush & co
Reply Post date:11/21/2018
like by Sohan Lal
I really like this game, but there's currently a glitch whenever I click on presents. It freezes up the game and I have to restart, and lose my present in the process.
Reply Post date:8/22/2018
Basically crashed. by anker wen
I was on the first chapter and went out I the game to do some other stuff, but when I came back to play some more, I went to the chapter page and I clicked on play, and then the whole screen started "shaking". I couldn't even go back to the main menu to try again.
Reply Post date:8/20/2017
Fun by Justin
Such a fun game, but after I used all the energy for ONE character, the energies for other characters are gone too!!! So doesn't matter how much character I have, I still can't play until I have enough energy.
Reply Post date:8/20/2017
very cute by Kiki Smallenbroek
very cute puzzle game! the music is pretty and relaxing, the low-poly graphics & muted colors are cute, and the levels difficulty increases gradually so it doesn't get super stressful if you try to play it all at once. not being able to move the twirly things while the character is on them is frustrating but makes sense so I have no complaints! I love this game!
Reply Post date:7/28/2017
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9/1/2016 12:00:00 AM
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