Beat Stomper (节奏践踏者)

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Music, Neon light, Geometry. 
Jump, Hold , Stomp.
The perfect combination of pure joy.
It is born for you, and you are born for it.

What are you waiting for?

节拍跺脚(Beat Stomper)是一款简单有趣的节奏类手机游戏,游戏主要还是考验玩家的手速和反应能力,玩家轻动手指就能够奏出美妙的电子乐,简单有趣非常不错。




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Music by JonathanWolfe
Bring art to the game!!Well, music is so comfortable, the picture is so comfortable, the whole person is cute, still thinking about whether to buy?Get started!!
Reply Post date:4/27/2019
Good game by XcomHunter
It's very fun, very cool, fun to kill time, easy to operate, and the only downside is that it's too monotonous.
Reply Post date:12/26/2018
Good game by ScouseMouse
The game itself is good, but the time that the advertisement appears will hurt me to lose.
Reply Post date:12/9/2018
Music by StingingVelvet
Not only does this game have a great controls and graphics, but the story you have made is really heart felt. I honestly have never played a game so detailed in a story before. The story made for this game seems to give a big picture, but I'm unable to see it fully. And I sort of understand why we use a plane. All who pass by this game should give it a try, the graphics, story, and music make this game extraordinarily, indefinably great. Keep up the great work and make some sequels
Reply Post date:11/27/2018
Good game by Victoria Song
You can't stop and tell yourself that this is the final game of the game.
Reply Post date:12/8/2018
Music by Katharine Leach
Easy to operate, the jigsaw is simply a magic device to kill time. Music is a little bit less, so it's just a couple of times in circulation, but it's nice, and it supports creative workshops.
Reply Post date:12/1/2018
Good game by Elva Hsiao
I can't stop playing. It has basic graphics but great game play. Controls are a little hard to get used to, but so much fun to play. I love all the characters, enemies, wepons, the randomly generated maps, and the awesome skills and upgrades. I think the best part is that there is an in-game community. You can get tips, watch videos, get codes, and so much more. This is one of my top 3 favorite games.
Reply Post date:11/24/2018
looks beautiful by Gulfcoastsunset
The sound and graphics are stunning, comparable to the geometry wars3
Reply Post date:4/15/2019
awesome keep doing by Tristina Corker
I think this game is disliked by a lot of people because they get frustrated at dying over and over again but I love it!
Reply Post date:8/22/2018
footage is ok by saile
It's great and the music is nice. How can I get beautiful colors or places?
Reply Post date:8/20/2017
Happy wonderful by Edinburgh
Customs clearance game music is very nice, background music is quite attractive, there are various scenarios of play, each choose music, pass well, grasp the rhythm, fine, will follow music involuntary shaking body, ha ha
1Post date:4/15/2019 by Gulfcoastsunset
Yes, I want to download every music
Reply Post date:8/10/2017
get it hight! by Jesus Baltazar Huisacayna Pilco
At the start your highscore is 273 at the end its something else.?
Reply Post date:7/28/2017
more more more by EXPLODING SQUAD
can you make more songs do this game.. I really love beat stomper
Reply Post date:7/28/2017
I love the music by Alva
Period. The soundscape of the game is well integrated with the tracks. The ability to unlock tracks through accomplishments in the game was well thought out. It's is also clear that Rocky Hong really cares about those who are playing the game because you are gifted with a large square dude after everytime you have to sit through a short ad. Not only that but your time investment into the game is rewarded when you unlock all the trophies because it turns off the ads completely. This doesn't feel forced at all because you want to unlock all the trophies to get the songs anyways.
Reply Post date:7/28/2017
I am addicted. by Kiki Smallenbroek
passed a 2 hour infinite life bonus and it was awarded to me but still shows. Other than that i am addicted.
Reply Post date:7/28/2017
Not a fan & never will be... by barbie mean girls
It's not like a music game. It's more like a Tetris game
Reply Post date:7/28/2017
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