Monkey King Hero is Back (大圣归来)

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Monkey King: Hero is Back The Game is an adaptation of a 2015 Chinese animated film of the same name that starred Jackie Chan as Sun Wukong. When Monkey King: Hero is Back was released in China it was the highest grossing animated movie of all time, though it has since been surpassed by both Zootopia and Kung Fu Panda 3. Both the movie and the game serve as a retelling of the famous Chinese story Journey to the West.

The trailer opens with a scene of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, facing off against a giant. It then cuts to the movie’s director Xiaopeng Tian. He explains that the game is being developed by both Sony Interactive Entertainment and October Media, and will be distributed world wide by Oasis Games. 

The Monkey King is an action-packed cinematic virtual reality series. Borne from 16th Century Chinese mythology and explored through 21st Century technology, The Monkey King is a fusion of innovation and engaging storytelling that will thrill as much as it will awe.

The Monkey King centers on teenage misfit monkey Sun Wukong, who strives to fit in yet fails to impress his dismissive peers. Certain that he is destined for greatness, Sun Wukong seeks out the wisdom of a seasoned Taoist Master who wrangles his extraordinary (yet undisciplined) strengths and shapes them into those of a Taoist Warrior. But when Sun Wukong instigates a vicious monster to acquire a powerful weapon, he must draw on his newfound Taoist Warrior talents to earn the respect of his peers and be crowned The Monkey King.


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Isn't it a movie? by John Enfield
I like the movie very much, but if it's a game,if i can handle Monkey King, I'll be happier.
Reply Post date:4/3/2019
A very exciting game by CrazyGecko000
I know the story of the monkey king AKA journey to the west a boy does not free him from the mountain, a adult Chinese monk riding a white horse did.
Reply Post date:1/7/2019
Chinese monkeys by sick leo
I like Chinese monkeys very much.
Reply Post date:10/3/2018
Hopefully, by TheGrimReaper
Hopefully, this will be the PS4's first good chinese game.?
1Post date:8/20/2018 by cngame4u
We all hope so.
Reply Post date:8/20/2017
really hope by Sincos Tangen
Damn I just wished they make a movie about the Murim World. Read all kinds of those mangas and novels and it's damn epic! I won't be surprised if the Chinese made a movies like that in the future.?
1Post date:4/15/2019 by a1186523189andy cheong
monkey king created by the Chinese people is great, he is a hero, like Superman, but he is older than superman, hundreds of years of history
Reply Post date:8/20/2017
like the movie by captainpaul121
i like the actor in monkey king 1 there was naughtiness in his eyes but this one so plain...trying hard and corny! BUT WHAT MATTERS IS THAT THE STORY LINE INFUSE THE VALUE OF FORGIVENESS....WONDERFUL MOVIE!?
Reply Post date:8/20/2017
Some thing wrong NEW NAME FOR SUN WUKONG by saile
I know there are people are are as crazy as calling Darth Vadar a god.?
Reply Post date:8/20/2017
ackie chan's comeback? by ShadowReaperPlayz69
this is a awesome movie. this movie may not have the best animation but the story, humor and characters make up for that. and it's even better when you put Jackie chan as the lead character. great movie. if you have not seen this movie then I recommend you do rating 5/5?
Reply Post date:8/18/2017
Monkey King by Tenderness
Become the character that you want to become, and then you can experience the difficulties of the people in the western tour!
Reply Post date:8/2/2017
want more by EXPLODING SQUAD
Sun Wukong is a good image, I hope this game does not imitate the God of War, more gameplay is not seen, so that I can not experience the game
Reply Post date:7/28/2017
coolest by egg
This Monkey King is the coolest ever! I saw the movie 5 times in Beijing, summer 2015. And I cried every single time, not only for the story, but the amazing original characters design, the drawings and the details of a 3D animation created by Chinese. I say gods in the details, no wonder every young men whose childhood hero was the Monkey King got touched deeply and fell in love with this movie! 5 stars, and I will buy it again to support it!
Reply Post date:7/28/2017
I love it by Keshav Agarwal
I love journey to the west and the great monkey king so player n this(granted it's got some issues but I couldn't care still great game)I would really like to see an adventure type game playing once again as wukong fighting bad guys and journeying trough terrains of mystery suspense and terror itd be fun and I think millions a folks would love it
Reply Post date:7/28/2017
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