Mysteries of Fence(篱笆庄秘闻)

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*A magical realism masterpiece which caused great discussions in China's Internet Community.

Internet addiction, it was just a noun which invented by an American psychiatrist in the forum for joking at first.But it has been deeply rooted among the people in China now.In a few places of China,some children who often surf the Internet will be considered as having internet addiction and mental illness, and they will be sent to internet addiction rehabilitation center to accept compulsory treatment by their families.

In 2008, the internet addiction rehabilitation center and Professor Yang appeared on television documentary with a positive light. The way that Professor Yang used electric shock and other extreme measures to treat internet addiction, made him become the savior in some ignorant parents’ mind.

In 2016, a netizen posted an autobiography which over twenty thousand words on the internet to tell the cruel treatments she accepted in the center. For those teenagers who were forced to accept the "treatment", the hurt was irreversible in physically and mentally, some cut their wrists, some jumped off a building, some claimed they will be die alone, there were also some who backed to normal life, but they don’t know when they can move on from the psychological shadow.

This game is based on a true story

In the past 30 years, the rapid growth of economy continually impacted the old orders of the traditional China.this game is such a slice of modern China. Although with the popularity of internet, the old generations no longer regard the internet as dreadful monster,the number of rehabilitation center is getting less,we still want to use such a game to record the unknown pain and struggles of ordinary people in the far east country, hoping that our descendants will never forget these tragedies happened before.






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more words by Sigma zix
too many words affecting the game experience
Reply Post date:3/23/2019
good by XcomHunter
It is said that there is an Internet addiction rehab center that saved countless families, and professor Yang, who takes charge of the center is regarded as the savior of the world.
Reply Post date:12/26/2018
lol by Brandon Reichard
Lol, it's just a text novel, not a game. The contents are horrible. A damned fat doctor is kidnapping a girl
Reply Post date:12/25/2018
Buy it and also, by Gulfcoastsunset
This is a great game and raising awareness is always a brave and wonderful thing.
Reply Post date:11/21/2018
Good game by fantomchoder
After playing this work, the mood is too long to calm down.
Thought for a long time, but now the moment I still can clearly feel the pain of the past experiences in the network to, though not electric shocks, but the curses the horror and violence brought me absolutely no less than described in the game.
The heroes in the game are lucky enough to have the courage to run out on their own, unlike when I could only watch the rules and look forward to the grey tomorrow.
A little feel my heart die, a little bit of forced said he didn't want to say, be parents take home the moment feel not rebirth, but the body that a thick layer of cocoon and don't want to back to the place of disgust.
Hopefully, one day, all the nets will be shut down like the game.
Such facilities bring only the destruction of the soul and the destruction of family ties.
Reply Post date:10/24/2018
Great game by Molina Gentry
In the game players play a 17-year-old rebellious teenager who grew up in a single-parent family.Mother is busy with business and only gives you physical care.For the sake of
Get your mother's attention, you go out of your way, and you've been coaxed into a fence by your mother, after a number of missing classes and even dropping out of school.This game feels great!
Reply Post date:10/25/2018
so...i think by BDOGGBDOGG
The incident caused too comments, too many words, and little fun as a game
Reply Post date:9/7/2018
really bad by Sincos Tangen
The ugly protagonist has brought me too many negative influences, and it's really bad
1Post date:8/22/2017 by cngame4u
Thank you for your comment, and we will forward it to the game developer.
Reply Post date:8/20/2017
electric shock... by captainpaul121
Expect the game to be better. Just play games and get hooked? And get an electric shock?
1Post date:8/22/2017 by cngame4u
it was adapted from a real incident,real electric shock!you can search yangyongxin in wikipedia.
Reply Post date:8/20/2017
Is this a real real? by saile
It's really scary!! It's hard to believe that happened in china.
As a word adventure game, the quality is pretty good. The plot of novel and reality, a strong sense of substitution, the puzzle difficulty is relatively simple,game has certain interest, nor what defect perception UI.
Reply Post date:8/19/2017
Is she crazy? by ShadowReaperPlayz69
Why is she going to live in that insane asylum? Her parents sent her?
1Post date:8/20/2018 by cngame4u
You can search yangyongxin in wikipedia.
Reply Post date:8/18/2017
fun by Tenderness
Very interesting game, magic electric shock method
Reply Post date:8/2/2017
skills by Mo Maek
Mobile game electric shock class, net addiction beautiful girl beautiful young man come together to dazzle the skill can!
Reply Post date:8/2/2017
stimulus by Allure Love
It's fun. I love electric shock games
Reply Post date:8/2/2017
Internet addiction click by Curtain
True story changes, this is a magic realism game, inside all kinds of stimulative electric shock games to let you love not to release, the first time to play a story game!
1Post date:8/18/2017 by ShadowReaperPlayz69
Where did you download the english version? I can't find it.
Reply Post date:8/2/2017
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