Runestone Keeper (符石守护者)

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Runestone Keeper is a challenging roguelike to roguelite dungeon crawler that blends classic role playing elements and turn-based combat strategy. 

Dive into the dungeon roguelite-ness and begin your very own epic adventure! Grab your rucksack, sharpen those dusty swords, step into the dark chamber and fight for glory!

Randomly Generated Dungeon Elements – Almost everything is generated differently each time to ensure a unique experience!

Prefix and Suffix Based Equipment – Loots come with random yet rare prefixes and suffixes. Combat, collect and combine for a killer suit!

Diverse Monster Mixes - Tread lightly, or be ganged upon by monsters with complementary abilities that might drive you crazy.

Items, Traps, Devices and Events - Opportunities for a favorable turn even at the most desperate moment. Choose wisely and use the unwelcoming surroundings to your advantage!

Heroes and Goddesses – Create your hero’s attributes build! Sacrifice to receive your mighty God’s blessing (and later betray him to check out his fury)!

Modes and Leaderboards - Multiple modes to choose from and a global ranking system to check yourself among all the dungeon adventurers.

A Challenging Experience - Prepare to have a tragic (not to mention permanent) death ;)




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The Games is Very Good, by Sigma zix
The Games is Very Good, only Dowside is that i can't Unlock character(s).. Even after reaching 13th floor on Nightmare (unlock condition is 10 Nightmare as indicated) Is this a bug? more power to the Devs. please fix if its a bug.
Reply Post date:3/23/2019
Quite a fun game, with far more depth th by Brandon Reichard

Imagine that Angband and Minesweeper had a child. This game manages to pick some of the character of the former, and the strategy and simplicity of the latter, adding some of the modern rogue-like progression tactics (a la Rogue Legacy), and leaving most of the frustrating elements of all of them out of the mix. At a glance it might remind you of Desktop Dungeons, but the underlying mechanics are quite different, and I find it more enjoyable.
Reply Post date:12/8/2018
Love it ! by Gulfcoastsunset
Amazong ascii game !
Homage to japanese rpg and advanture games.

Well written, funny, sometimes hard, but always fun !

Reply Post date:11/21/2018
Not random enough by Barbarossa Bey
From what I remember the entire game was based upon RNG -- and it's not really replayable... I wish people would stop falsely tagging "roguelite" on everything that has a little bit of randomization.
1Post date:12/8/2018 by Gplays & WTF's
But when you die, you really go to all the equipment you get
Reply Post date:9/6/2018
funny game by Lisa
This is a very nostalgic little game, very funny
Reply Post date:10/3/2018
a problem by Charlene R.
cannot unlock svafa even arrived 10 in nightmarr
1Post date:4/17/2019 by Lavar ball Lavar ball
You should change your computer bro. I have done for it.
Reply Post date:8/20/2018
that's cool by captainpaul121
There's some loot collecting involved, but it feels a bit off when it's pretty standard for RPGs whereas most of other game aspects are more casual, so you gotta manage the backpack contents and all that. Though, the items sometimes have interesting effects and abilities beyond stat boosts so that's cool.
Anyways, this is totally worth a try if you're into puzzles and roguelikes, an interesting combo that surprisingly works.
Reply Post date:8/20/2017
footage is good by saile
I don't understand why it's only $5.99
Reply Post date:8/20/2017
ordinary by BadpunK
it's ordinary at all
Reply Post date:8/18/2017
good by Lollipop Sugar
it's a good simple dungeon crawler but you need to grind upgrades to get a balance game. The game lacks of balance otherwise and you'll die many times just by bad RNG.
After 40h of grind, i got bored and stopped playing it.
Reply Post date:8/18/2017
LOL by Amin Hlaihel
A game that needs strategy.
Pretty hard, but can be challengable.
May feel boring after 100h. LOL
Reply Post date:8/18/2017
nice by ShadowReaperPlayz69
simple, straightforward, and surprisingly engaging. very easy to pick up and play, and understand. essentially a zero learning curve, which is also nice for something like this. I've had it on Steam for a few months now, and I keep coming back to it. my kids like it too. if I had to levy a complaint, it might be the graphics. only because everything else is so well done that I wish the graphics were a slight bit cleaner.
Reply Post date:8/18/2017
Fighting!!!!! Fight! by Tears
Is quite challenging, there are a lot of monsters mixing together of the time, played dungeons randomly generated elements each time is different, sometimes quite maddening, ha ha, very diverse mode selection, I play this game a long time, anytime, anywhere to play is to can be listed in the global rankings, ha ha, have a period to play blame you, add me
Reply Post date:8/10/2017
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