Lord of Zombies (僵尸之王)

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Lord of Zombies: An action game that play as Lord of undead to lead the zombie army, to conquer humans in the realms of the magical world.

*iOS 8 crash bug fixed

* Lead your zombie pawns. Three characters fight together in the battlefield.

* Awesome Graphics, stunning combos and skills, gorgeous level, and epic boss battle. 

* Build your zombie army from various of classes. You can turn the human class into your zombie pawn, but also transform your pawns to special zombies.

* Various of active and passive skills. Upgrade your weapons and army. Create unique army of your own.

Bug report: ios@ifreyr.com
Turn off the AssistiveTouch on iOS7 to make the game more smooth.



* 带领手下的僵尸,3个角色同时场上作战

* 华丽的画面效果,炫目的招式与技能,气势十足的关卡,经典的boss战

* 多种职业组合变化,可将对应的人类职业收为手下僵尸,更能让手下转职独有的僵尸职业


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Big glitch but good game by Han Solo cup
Fun, but the props are not worth buying, it simply does not make sense. Soon you do not need it.
Reply Post date:3/8/2019
Plz make multiplayer work by flac dias
The reason I downloaded This game was because it had multiplayer but it doesn't work I'll rate it 5 stars if you do
Reply Post date:8/22/2017
like it at all by saile
I like the game but was in level 3.4 and I spent five dollars on it then it reset the whole games and I didn't get my money back or my account and zombies
Reply Post date:8/19/2017
well by Lollipop Sugar
Played this on a Lumia 640.silk smooth I love the fact this dev dont show the movement control .you slide where you wont to go and voila. It make gaming way better . Awsome Job freyr ! Not my type of game but I can say this is a well made game
Reply Post date:8/18/2017
I love this Dev by Fong Sh
I love all of your games and this is another great one. I believe your games are amazing and deserve way more recognition then they get.
Reply Post date:8/18/2017
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1/22/2019 12:00:00 AM
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