Beasts Evolved(超进化物语)

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Beasts Evolved is a strategy based game that unfolds around monster development, evolution, and world exploration. As you dive deeper into the story, evolve your monsters to best suit your needs and the way you wish them to interact with the world. Study Glyphs, develop combat strategies, summon Astra, and customize to your heart's content as you raise adorable little monsters into soul crushing beasts of chaos. 

[Game Features]

Combat - Develop unique and ever-changing tactics to defeat your opponents in battle.

Raise Monsters - Develop, evolve and breed brand new kinds of monsters to create your vary own unique team of awesome destruction. 

Summon Astras - Bring a whole new level of power into play by summoning Astras! 

Arena - Battle in real-time!

Secrets - Unlock various secrets throughout the game for even greater gaming.

《超进化物语》 是一款以进化为题材的策略养成游戏,这个架空世界中的怪兽均有多条可自由选择的进化路线,养成体系极具差异性,玩家还能自主为怪兽定制各种前缀和纹章,改变怪兽的属性和技能。 





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I was loving this game until it crashed. by Jayanth N
I was loving this game until it crashed. Haven't been able to open it for 2 days now. Rip to all of the awesome stuff I had built up. I do wish I could get a refund for everything I bought in this game considering that I can no longer use
Reply Post date:2/22/2019
I'm sick of hitting the powerup buttons by Joey Two Bastards
Designed for a tab. Let me move and alter the size of the fire and move buttons for 5 stars. At least add an option for an unfixed axis (free-move). Plus, I'm sick of hitting the powerup buttons and losing diamonds and money--let us move them at least. Also, where the hell is the (dl apps for) "free diamonds" button.
Reply Post date:2/7/2019
Chinese Kungfu! by Brandon Reichard
I just want my cell phone screen to be a little bigger and I can see every movement of the samurai inside. It's really cool. Chinese martial arts are very powerful
Reply Post date:12/25/2018
Good game by Oguri Shun
Good game but for little buddies.. cute game
Reply Post date:12/9/2018
That's cool! Really?! by Lavar ball Lavar ball
There's still more monsters, The DLC monsters, Behemoth, and Gorgon?.monster that can never be finished.
Reply Post date:4/19/2019
bad experience by Barbarossa Bey
Saw this Beast Evolved, found it very interesting so downloaded it after understand it intro in PlayStore.. after download ,launched it.. shocked was in chinese language, so to think positive maybe after login i can change to English after that so long tutorial, press every single button.. try to found settingsbut it seems dont have such things.
1Post date:4/15/2019 by a1186523189andy cheong
I think the introduction of the video is still very simple, seemingly no need to read the text
Reply Post date:9/6/2018
Fun by Sonoffreedom85
Fun at first gets boring gradually because you will have to choose the commonly used op bred monsters. Unbalanced and limiting to only a few strong monsters. Punishing if you go wrong. Bad stash system. Pay to win.
Reply Post date:9/30/2018
why why? by Craig Chapple
Why update login, have been stuck in the receive login reward that, has been in the circle.
Reply Post date:9/24/2018
really fun by amit debbarma
Well the game is really fun but the adds stack up on each other then the game crashes itself but still really fun
Reply Post date:9/9/2018
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