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Long time ago, a little girl who is a witch lives with her adorable kitty in the forest; however, one day, a monster kidnaps her kitty. For the sake of getting back her kitty, she takes a wand with her and starts the journey by herself.

It’s such a dangerous journey since there are many kinds of threatening monsters live in the forest. Although the witch is in danger, she is not willing to hurt those monsters. Thus, she escapes from the danger by switching the position with her enemies; this is her own ability and the best way to keep her safety.

Let’s start a magical journey and enter this fantastic world! Miss Switch depicts a story between a witch and her kitty; moreover, there will be more than one hundred levels which mean that the players need to think carefully before making decision as the degree of difficulty goes up step by step. We are pretty sure that you will enjoy Miss Switch and have a unique adventure when you play it.

《换影女士中文破解版》(Miss Switch)这是一款休闲娱乐闯关游戏,在游戏中玩家需要控制魔女来寻找自己丢失的小猫,游戏非常考验玩家的策略.是一款国产绘本风独立解密游戏。游戏讲述的是一个魔法师为了寻找自己的爱猫踏上的冒险旅程,旅程中她会碰到敌人,但是她又不想亲手杀死敌人。所以她就运用移形换影的能力,通过和敌人交互位置,躲避攻击,让敌人死在自己攻击之下并成功救出小猫.







The player only needs one finger to control the screen, pretty easy. By switching the witch’s position with the monster’s position correctly, you will pass all the levels and save the lovely kitty eventually.




--Switch & Uniqueness

The most significant thing for player is coming up a strategy to illuminate all the monsters (e.g.dragons) without getting injury so that you can move on to the next level. Once you switch the position with another character, it becomes bait which will bear the injury for you. By letting those monsters kill each other, the player can escape from the danger safely and get closer to the kitty.


--Funny & Changeable

In the game, each monster has its own trait. For example, dragons will spit the fire balls to you, evil sheep will not hurt you but stand stilly, and ghosts will disappear once you touch it. Before you fight with them, make sure you understand their traits and use the right way to defeat these hateful monsters.


--Recreational & Strategic

The map contains a lot of different scenes (e.g.forest and dessert) which give the witch more challenges in the game. The player must be cautious before switch each time because the decision may affect score in a way.

--Adventure & Exploration

Would you want to know what will happen in the journey? Or what ability does the witch have? Come, Miss Switch will give you the answer!



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so cute by Han Solo cup
the cat and monster is cute
Reply Post date:3/8/2019
puzzle game by ScouseMouse
Excellent This puzzle game is not something you see everyday on mobile market. Simple yet hard, artistically engaging and fun.
Reply Post date:12/9/2018
Good game by Oguri Shun
Good Game! Mix between RPG and Puzzle! But, How to claim the chest reward? It keeps bugging replaying... open, open, open.. no reward received... Anyway, I have finished all stages :D It was enjoyable and challenging! Would love for the next update! or something like more heroes costumization or new type/shape of map or maybe drop item, weapon shop, quest, multiplayer boss dungeon, etc :)
Reply Post date:12/9/2018
I like the monster inside by a1186523189andy cheong
It must be a girl's game. It's really cozy. I don't want to play that cute monster because it looks like my dog.
Reply Post date:9/19/2018
it's goooood game by Zxxkkid
It's really hard to control your timing, but the fun of the game is satisfying.
Reply Post date:10/27/2018
nice by shankar sunar
This game is a great time pass Only thing is it's extremely fast. It needs to be a little slow.
Reply Post date:10/25/2018
love by Dakera Evans
The game is brilliant, I love the graphics and the overall concept of the game, however I think it could be improved by adding more purchasable items such as clothing, colours or even new characters, I don't feel like the add free version is worth buying at the moment due to the lack of purchasable items, but as soon as more items and such is added, it will be a must buy for me!
Reply Post date:10/5/2018
smart game by sick leo
It's a very smart game, and every level is going to be difficult, and if you're having difficulty, there's a hint
Reply Post date:9/4/2018
great by Jean Claude
great game..tq so much...sucses..!!
Reply Post date:10/3/2018
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