The Wind Road (紫塞秋风)

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"The Wind Road" is a Chinese martial arts game, which integrates action adventure elements into traditional RPG, but different from ARPG.

The development of the game began in 2015. The framework is complete, the remaining is to perfect the contents. It is estimated to be completed by the first half of 2018. 

Suspense, decryption, adventure, half sandbox, martial arts moves, film style narrative. In China, northwest Silk Road, desert, Dunhuang, will be reflected in the "Purple Cypriot autumn", but also the core of the game.

After dozens of tests, it has achieved a perfect combination of the combo style of action games and the perfect combination of traditional ARPG release skills. This is a competitive element of the game, in the game, only skilled use of various martial arts of free collocation, you can successfully defeat the enemy. For example: the enemy is using long weapons (polearms), and at the same time, game player using short weapons (sword), it is difficult to win the opponent, to switch to Chinese traditional martial arts in the "internal" tricks, remote enemy. Of course, one of the highlights of the game also dodge system.

悬疑、解密、奇遇、半沙盒、武功招式、电影式叙述方式。以及中国西北的丝绸之路、大漠、敦煌,都将在《紫塞秋风》中体现,同时也是这款游戏的核心 。



《紫塞秋风》体现出人性的回归与仇恨的放下。强调的是电影的叙事方式,在通关之后主角一身所经历的事情与他最终的选择都将深深触动玩家。除了玩游戏,就仿佛看了一场中国武侠电影 。



经过数十次测试,实现了动作类游戏的连击打斗方式与传统ARPG释放技能的完美融合,获得了不错的评价。这是一款具有竞技元素的游戏,在游戏中只有熟练运用各种武功的自由搭配,才可顺利击败敌人。例如:敌人使用的是长兵器(长棍),而此时,玩家使用短兵器(剑),就很难打赢对手,需切换为中国传统武功中的“内功”招数,远程致敌。当然,轻功系统也是本游戏的一大亮点 .


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The music of the game is great, by John Enfield
The music of the game is great, I hope it will be released soon
Reply Post date:4/1/2019
love it by Zxxkkid
I love every detail about this game but I accidentally traded for biz bots but in the space of about an hour I already have way more money than I had last time
Reply Post date:10/26/2018
when? by Barbarossa Bey
I see the video of this game feel very attentive. When will the release time be announced on STEAM?
Reply Post date:9/6/2018
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