Attack Heroes

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Excellence in Visual Arts, IGF 2015

Excellence in Visual Arts, GAD 2016

The best Indie game in Design, GoldTop 2016

Best Game nomination, GAD 2016

Best VisualArts nomination, GAD 2016

Diligent console masterpiece, iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox, Steam Featuring

An independentconsole game of blood-boiling interest and tactful stages.

Endeavoring in making a playable anime movie, the game is in hyperbolic Japanese comic visual style. Via various animated actions and shots, it gives you the strongest visual tension of skills.

the game boasts 8 vocaloid songs brand-new composed, written and adjusted, making each action at the beat of the rhythm, giving you the visual and listening pleasure as an anime OP. With famous CV dubbing throughout the stories, you’ll have a furthermore sink-in experience like a ACG movie.

Battle Features:

- Combination of excitement and tactics. Visual performance and skills matter!

- Simple but strategical fighting. Heroes’ collocations count!

- Joining and timing of heroes’ skill call for your operative techniques.

- Key to stage clear: put enemies in Hit-recover as long as possible!

- 52 unique and special skills, form your own combos!

Game Features:

- 13 heroes of personalities!

- Brand-new fighting rules and combo settings.

- More than 20 differently featuring boss combats.

- Specially designed stories and voicing.

- Unique 3D battle field animated shots.

- 10 comic-like stage movies.


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The first story is really funny. by Zarrel Cardenas
The first story is really funny. I like Chinese humor. Although I can't read some of the words, I know a little about the history of China
Reply Post date:1/2/2019
really good at this by Noahtime
Color is really good at this, I gave 5 stars for color,The combat effectiveness is good, a bit like monkey king 's effect
Reply Post date:12/8/2018
is good like by Lavar ball Lavar ball
It's a Japanese game? seems like the king of Fighters
Reply Post date:4/19/2019
realy good game by Gulfcoastsunset
Very laggy and in a timed quest you lose every time.
Also you get very few coins to upgrade.
Reply Post date:11/21/2018
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9/6/2017 12:00:00 AM
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