Sumeru (须弥域)

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Brief Introduction:
--This Is A 2d Physical Game.
--You can help “Yun” to escape from Sumerian World by drawing a bridge across the cliff , a high-climbing stairs, a hammer to break the door , etc. 
--There are six levels namely “dreamland”,” forest”, “ice”, “city”, “mountain” and “last task”, and all together 43 scenes in this game.
--The game duration is about 6-10 hours

A traveler called “Yun” picked up a gem on his way home. But just when he appreciating the fascinating gem, he was sucked in to the “Sumerian World”. “Yun” has to overcome all the difficulties and ordeals, then he can go back to his world. An adventures begins…




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funny game by HiroshiMishima
Clean and clean interface and operation mode, the whole process only need to operate the mouse.(maybe it's because I didn't play too far back?The progress is still six or seven.
The initial estimate is that most players spend about six hours a week.
The early pass method is very simple, to the mid-term game of the difficulty of a straight line promotion.If you can't find a way to go to the lower right corner to play a jigsaw puzzle, the result is to give the player a pass, but you will often find that even if you give the player a clue...Players have to repeat countless times to pass...
Most of the time the game is not unique, you can try new ideas yourself.
The plot of the game itself must be relatively thin. After all, the focus is not on the plot, but the focus should be on the beautiful scenery provided by the production group.(and constantly slamming the mouse)
Music and game style are great, but like "origami," every turn of the game is not music, with the sound of an operating sound.
"Origami" is a game that I can understand to encourage the player to meditate, because he doesn't provide a beautiful picture of himself, but rather the puzzle.A person feels that playing "in the need" doesn't have a music companion that will make the player feel bored over and over and over again.
Reply Post date:4/17/2019
I was worried in the beginning by Phenrir_Mailoki
I was worried in the beginning, BUT ! the game gets u in ...................... :)
Reply Post date:4/11/2019
funny game by HeresMyAccount
It's a fun game, super awesome!It is recommended to practice many times to continue the next level!
Reply Post date:12/7/2018
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9/21/2016 12:00:00 AM
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