Latiao Shop(辣条杂货店)

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In that unforgettable age, everything looks like childhood. This game bring you back to your childhood.

This is a business game with hand-painted style, familiar old streets, primary school gate down to earth and various things that bring you back to carefree days of your childhood. The player will act as a father who lost his daughter. For finding her, you open a movable grocery store, meet different kinds of people, experience many stories and obtain the clue of your daughter. The game has a strong nostalgic atmosphere, which will arouse many good memories of your childhood. 


[The plot]

Old trees old streets under the sunset, old photos with only black and white. I am an ordinary citizen who live a dull life. Unfortunately, fate always likes to joke with me. My daughter is lost. I spend all my money for finding her, wandering in the world. In order to make a living and let more people know this, I decide to push a small cart selling things, communicate with different people and experience the warm and cold of the world and different life. I hope the customers will like me. This will recall you of your childhood feelings and makes your eyes wet. Believe me, I will become a spicy tycoon and reach the pinnacle of my life one day.

The wind carrying dust and the sky filling with flowers, farewell, missing and familial affection urge me to an old man! But I am always looking forward to the day of the reunion with my daughter 


1.A nostalgic hand-painted style evokes your innocent memories. By collecting different kinds of objects, you can find yourself in the memory and experience long-lost innocent memories.

2.Show your APM. To meet the needs of varieties of children, you need to be able to drag your products to different customers as quickly as possible. The more customers you have, the more rewards you will get.

3. Exquisite simulation management system. You need to think more carefully, use every penny you have, and survive and find your daughter.

4. Multiple endings. Your different choices and different ways of doing business will result in different endings, like real life, and a small butterfly's wing vibration can cause a Pacific shock.

5. Fulfill your achievement control and achieve success by completing various tasks.

6. Unique game unlock mode, each time by recording in the diary to find the daughter's past and the interesting characters and so on, can further promote the development of the game.


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I can not download the game, by Phenrir_Mailoki
I can not download the game, do not know why, see the game screen is very simple, this is a young independent development of it?...
Reply Post date:2/16/2019
Latiao? by Brandon Reichard
have seen the news that BBC hot strip China, it's really terrible pepper to do things, do not know why Chinese children will eat it, this game is very interesting, let me see Chinese childhood, is really so?
Reply Post date:12/25/2018
Good game by Lasseman
I do think this game is fun, the story is also very warm, although a bit isn't worth 22, but the overall or can be, there is a little bug, also can accept, main like this kind of hand drawing style, like simulation of friend of business class, and after all this kind of the most addictive, quite good, fundamental to stop.
Reply Post date:12/17/2018
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Windows (xp,vista,7, 8, 10)
10/29/2018 12:00:00 AM
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