Grab The Bottle (抓住瓶子)

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Grab The Bottle is a challenging puzzle game masterpiece.

It has received tons of positive feedback since its Steam release and closed beta. Players call it “amazingly funny and frustrating" and there is already hours of videos Youtube and other channels. Now you can take the fun with you on mobile as well!

“Grab the bottle with your infinite arm!”

【The story of the game 】

The story of the game begins in the 50s, when one particularly hungry baby is dying for the milk bottle on an unreachable table. Soon he discovers that he's got an infinitely long arm!

Grab the Bottle follows the life of this boy for his whole lifetime, while he uses his powers to grab all kinds of bottles: Milk as a baby, sugary goodness when growing up a bit, cold beer after work and so on. He encounters same kinds of situations and problems we face every day. Wouldn't everything be much easier if you had a stretchy arm?


Something different! - Innovative and unique way of solving puzzles by stretching your arm and grabbing objects. To get to the bottle, you need to figure out the best solution by using the available items.

Looking good! - The game art is mix of gorgeous 50s' pop art and comics. Enjoy the colorful story between solving puzzles!

Compete and share! - Get the best scores and top the leaderboards. Be the very best bottle grabber! Connect with Facebook and share your accomplishments.
《抓住瓶子(Grab the Bottle)》是一款非常奇葩的冒险游戏,在这款游戏中,手臂将化身贪吃蛇进行闯关,趣味性十足。游戏的玩法非常简单,玩家需要通过不断地伸展手臂来解决各种难题,避免击中墙壁和任何危险的东西。《抓住瓶子》中不仅包括众多的关卡挑战,还包含众多不同的游戏模式,玩家可以挑战更多的“现实问题”。


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funny game by AwesomeMallard
I was impressed by the is very fantasy.
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