Light (夜与光)

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Light! is a rapid-reaction indie game designed and developed by a fresh graduate. The game is inspired by the solitary light in the darkest night. Player will be a light ball and search the path out of the darkness being all alone and perseverant only to reach the dawn faraway.


Players need to tap the screen to change the track of light ball. There will be season changing, barrier in the way, only being brave and persistent and moving on and on. 

While controlling the movement, players also need to pick up the light source on the road in order to empower its own brightness shining the upfront foggy path.

[Endless Mode]

Beside four introductive modes with themes ‘Spring’, ‘Summer’, ‘Autumn’ and ‘Winter’, Light! also has an endless mode. 

Endless mode will challenge players’ reaction of timing, control of accuracy, observation of obstacle and arrangement of pathing. 

The design of game’s levels is based on ‘flow’ setting up difficulty and challenges, to lift players’ emotion swings and immerse in the gameplay while experiencing the high-difficulty endless running.


Light! applies Low-Poly art style, presents beautiful scenes with simple uncluttered compositions. Players can also unlock skins of different forms or themes for the light ball to explore mysterious new worlds on the voyage and experience endless fun. Combined with an euphonious soundtrack.

[No Wifi Game]

Light! is a no wifi game. You can start your adventure of Light! anytime anywhere!







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Seriously by ReignsOfPower
Seriously one of the highest quality games available in the play store. Everything, the engine and it's performance, graphics of individual levels, the music, the gameplay, the difficulty, everything is crafted perfectly with utmost attention to detail. Kudos to the developers.
Reply Post date:4/27/2019
funny game by darthvictorbr
A great game! Took me awhile to get used to it. But once you do you will love it. The music is extremely good and catchy!
Reply Post date:4/27/2019
good by ShmenonPie
The screen and music style are very popular, the card design is very clever, need certain thinking and skill.
Reply Post date:4/10/2019
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10/30/2018 12:00:00 AM
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