The brave (勇者别方)

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"The brave" is a Roguelike adventure game that tells courage and determination.The game is developed by 29X studio with only one person independently.           

Our brave men have been guided into a world of peril. He needed to manipulate the power of the four elements, fight against fierce monsters, and constantly explore the secrets of the world. And what fate will await him?

How to play          
It's a rouguelike game,player doesn't need skill and speed, only need to use your brain,accurate calculation of the offense and defense, making a moving route,then you can release your hands and watching the hero attack,kill monsters, pick up props.


The features:

* The game uses a most basic properties of the system, not the infinite expansion of combat,do not need to do complex calculations,let the game return to origin.          
* Two different styles of characters, who have separate plots and independent game schedules.          
* It does not affect customs, but very interesting random tasks and belief systems that challenge the player's brain as much as possible.          
* Endless, never repeated random checkpoints that bring new gameplay to players each time.          
* Exquisite scenes, beautiful music, so that players can immerse themselves in the game world.






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don't understand it by PhilaPhan80
I try to understand it, but I still don't. I can only click the map randomly and let the villain go
Reply Post date:12/27/2018
English version? by Gplays & WTF's
To tell you the truth, I watched the video for a long time, but I didn't understand how it was played
Reply Post date:12/8/2018
Great game by Elva Hsiao
I can't stop playing. It has basic graphics but great game play. Controls are a little hard to get used to, but so much fun to play. I love all the characters, enemies, wepons, the randomly generated maps, and the awesome skills and upgrades. I think the best part is that there is an in-game community. You can get tips, watch videos, get codes, and so much more. This is one of my top 3 favorite games.
Reply Post date:11/24/2018
so easy... by Taeibz Bze
that has few conte
Reply Post date:8/18/2017
Through the brave by Brand
It's a fantastic game, and it's just like crossing into a fantasy, dangerous world, attacking or defending, mostly brainpower, it's good, it's fun
Reply Post date:8/9/2017
Good game by Alva
Good game Please make it better again.
Reply Post date:7/28/2017
? by fantomchoder
It looks like a very simple game. I wonder if my cell phone can be downloaded. Can I buy it at Amazon?
1Post date:8/18/2017 by Taeibz Bze
is not abundant i think
Reply Post date:7/28/2017
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2/12/2019 12:00:00 AM
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