5 interesting Android Games for free download免费安卓游戏


This time we recommend 5 new android games for free.Show by Samsung Galaxy S8,and surprisingly,There have arcade games and shooting games. They test your operation very much.Let's take a challenge!Get these awesome games now by clicking the links below:


1-Push Pop 推来推去

Push & Pop is an challenging arcade puzzle game.

Slide to move, Push the cube, and Pop to score!

Playing with cubes moving under cold lights, along with powerful synthwave music.

Let's get bath in this mysterious puzzle maze!





2-Sky Fighters 空中决战3D

Play Campaign and accomplish missions in storm of bullets. Destroy enemy warplanes, armed military ground vehicles, tanks, trains and enemy air defenses east of the Atlantic Fleet. It is your job to crush their rise to glory. There is also a battle where you can try to achieve the highest score as you can by downing enemies in dogfight where enemy has air supremacy.

In any time of any mission you can return to the base for repair your airplane or replenish bombs.

Use the third view for accurate bombing.

sky fighters是一款能够为你带来热血空战射击体验的3D飞行游戏,操控你所拥有的各种战机在虚拟现代战场开启毁灭打击任务,面对成群结队的地方战机,你需要作出最合理的进攻路线展开空战对决,用强力的攻击消灭你眼前的所有敌人


3-Crossy Road  天天过马路


- Supports 2-4 players in Multiplayer mode over wifi 

- Play Crossy Road on your big screen with Android TV 

- Collect over 150 retro-styled, pop art inspired characters 

- Cross roads, train tracks, and rivers – endlessly hop forever 

- Dodge traffic in a candy wonderland with the Android Robot 

- Simple, pure, innovative gameplay 

- Free to play


风靡全球的Crossy Road是一款卡通像素风格的休闲互动游戏,拥有超多关卡场景可选,支持与好友的PK模式。玩家可以随喜好来购买喜欢的角色皮肤,并且体验全部关卡构造。感兴趣的朋友们不妨试试吧!



4-Beat Stomper 跳落去


Beat Stomper is an action arcade game, simple one - button control with endless fun!

Jump, Hold, Stomp.

It is born for you, and you are born for it.

What are you waiting for?

beat stomper音乐是一款非常富有节奏感的游戏应用,beat stomper游戏玩法简单只需点击屏幕让方块跟着节奏跳跃即可,让您体验音乐闯关的刺激,根本停不下来。


5-Run!! 快跑

Do not slow down.

Do not fall off.

Do not give up.


Run, the hit game from Kongregate comes to mobile for FREE!





 Find seven different allies and gain access to their unique talents!

 Watch out for breakable tiles! (Or don't. Repairing them is someone else's job.)

 Run and jump through a galaxy-spanning network of tunnels in Explore Mode. Good luck finding an unbroken path home!

 See how far you can get and climb the leaderboards through the ever-changing tunnels of Infinite Mode! It's not like you can get any more lost after Explore Mode... 

 Rock out to a stellar soundtrack!






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