No Game No Life-How To Handle Girlfriend's Moodiness?如果对付麻烦的女朋友?

11/20/2018 - 0 comment
Would you describe your girlfriend as being moody?

A game is beautiful like a music drama

2/27/2019 - 1 comment
A brand new game experience. It will change music games forever.

My Time At Portia(波西亚时光) Makes You Work For Your Relaxation

4/21/2019 - 0 comment
a delightful, easygoing homesteading game that allows you to indulge the desire to grow crops,

Tencent stealth-launches WeGame X store beyond China

4/10/2019 - 0 comment
Tencent has quietly launched its WeGame X store into global markets that extend beyond its original China-only base.

New Roguelike Game Juicy(恶果之地) Realm Announced For Nintendo Switch

4/8/2019 - 0 comment
A new roguelike called Juicy Realm is in development for multiple platforms

Fate/Grand Order VR feat. Mashu Kyrielight Releases In Japan On December 6 For Free

4/2/2019 - 0 comment
Type-Moon announced that their upcoming Fate VR drama game, Fate/Grand Order VR feat.

5 Action&Shooting Games For Free | WHAT TO PLAY动作射击游戏

4/3/2019 - 0 comment
This time we recommend 5 addictive action&Shooting games. 五款动作射击游戏

Last chance to enter The Big Indie Awards in association with indieSky

4/1/2019 - 0 comment
Its been a record breaking year for the Big Indie Pitch, with over 20 competitors taking place this year alone. So what better way to celebrate, thanThe Big Indie Awards.Taking place this November in Shenzhen…

Chinese youngsters' favorite streaming site Bilibili plans for IPO(Bilibili 计划IPO)

3/28/2019 - 0 comment
Chinese video streaming platform Bilibili is on course for an IPO in New York

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba acquires EJoy and sets up new games division

3/26/2019 - 0 comment
Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has formally set up a new games division.As reported by China Daily, the division has been set up by the Alibaba Digital Media and Entertainment Group and aims to develop…

Nintendo Will Close the Wii Shop?

3/24/2019 - 0 comment
After 11 years of business, Nintendo announced today it would be closing the Wii Shop

Nintendo Switch deal with Tencent paves the way for a China push

3/21/2019 - 0 comment
Nintendo’s Switch console and smartphone games could take off in one of the world’s biggest game markets

Blizzard's new mobile game is MMO RTS

3/20/2019 - 0 comment
Blizzard is currently working on a number of secret projects including a new Diablo game

5 New Games for iphone&Galaxy | WHAT TO PLAY 苹果三星新款游戏上架

3/23/2019 - 0 comment

Riot releases the first of its Eyes on Worlds series featuring EDward Gaming and Royal Never Give Up

4/8/2019 - 0 comment
featuring EDward Gaming and Royal Never Give Up

Jenova Chen's latest game Flower available on mobile

3/16/2019 - 0 comment
'Flower' brings its zen gameplay to iPhone and iPad


3/12/2019 - 0 comment
Team17 Partners with Pathea Games for My Time at Portia

5 New Games for Android/IOS Killing Time games | WHAT TO PLAY 消磨时光休闲游戏

3/12/2019 - 0 comment
TOP 5 excellent mobile games that kill time in 2017.

Chinese-owned Playtika Buys Israeli Firm Jelly Button Games

3/10/2019 - 0 comment
Gaming giant reportedly paid tens of millions of dollars for maker of casual games

5 interesting Android Games for free download免费安卓游戏

3/2/2019 - 0 comment
we recommend 5 new android games and Show by Samsung Galaxy S8,

5 New Most Addictive Games for Android and iOS锻炼手指的动作游戏

2/12/2019 - 0 comment
we recommend 5 most addictive mobile games and surprisingly they only need you to play with one finger


3/5/2019 - 0 comment
Art Class Takes On Romantic Connotations In Tricolour Lovestory

Chinese developers sue FOX for film adaptation games

3/1/2019 - 0 comment
Snail claims that it reached a deal with Fox to pay $2.5 millionfor the rights to make a mobile game

NetEase is bringing its Chinese sensation mobile RPG Onmyoji to North America

2/26/2019 - 0 comment
a mobile role playing game for iOS and Android that has already been a hit in Asia,

5 IPAD Games Action,Racing,Shooting | WHAT TO PLAY 5款IPAD游戏

3/14/2019 - 0 comment
This time recommend to you 5 HD games, use your IPAD or IPHONE, you can enjoy it.

Google Play's top indie games: Flipping Legend, Slayaway Camp, Tiny Bubbles

3/15/2019 - 0 comment
Google Play's top indie games: Flipping Legend, Slayaway Camp, and Tiny Bubbles

6 NEW iphone Games Of | WHAT TO PLAY 6款苹果新游试玩视频

2/22/2019 - 0 comment
This time we recommend 6 new iphone games to you

How Chinese brands are beating Samsung, taking on Apple

2/20/2019 - 0 comment
Huawei declared its ambition to supplant Apple and Samsung.

Cosplay From Tokyo Game Show : Final Fantasy, Persona, And More!

3/8/2019 - 0 comment
The sheer amount of amazing cosplay at Tokyo Game Show is unlike any other convention in the world.

Chinese net users getting increasingly younger

3/7/2019 - 0 comment
There's an increasing trend for Chinese children to go online at ever younger ages, reports Guangzhou Daily.

New Trailers From PlayStation's Tokyo Game Show Press Conference

2/12/2019 - 0 comment
Here's All the New Trailers From PlayStation's Tokyo Game Show Press Conference

5 Iphone Games—Fit Girls| WHAT TO PLAY适合女生玩的5款苹果新游戏

1/22/2019 - 0 comment
These games are colorful and easy to play. They are good for girls. Of course for boys

3 things you need to know about augmented reality in China

2/5/2019 - 0 comment
The potential of AR is firmly into the spotlight for global technology companies.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Introduced In China

2/1/2019 - 0 comment
CS:GO Enters the Chinese Market with Newest Update

Minecraft Free to Play Edition, which was released on iOS in China

1/27/2019 - 0 comment
They getting an update today that brings a new Chinese Mythology Mash-Up Pack and more.


9/18/2018 - 0 comment
Five games recommended for this weekend

Arena of Valor for Switch Was One of the Biggest Nintendo Direct Reveals

1/20/2019 - 0 comment
Nestled deep within Arena of Valor from Tencent.

The Chinese female gamers putting male players in the shade

1/5/2019 - 0 comment
Female players struggle to earn as much as their male competitors

Everything Apple announced today

1/2/2019 - 0 comment
Watch Series 3, Apple TV 4K, iPhone 8, iPhone X, and more

A floating sword on Riot's Chinese Weibo could be teasing a new skin

12/30/2018 - 0 comment
A floating sword on Riot's Chinese Weibo could be teasing a new skin